Mission, Vision and Value Statements


                          The St. Mary Municipal Corporation is the local authority for the parish of St. Mary. 
                It administers all local government functions and tries to cater to or guide the desires of the citizenry.

                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT
“To promote sustainable social and economic development that enhances and protects life and property of individuals and communities in St. Mary by:
· Delivering service efficiently and effectively;
· Facilitating the development of a strong ,
  viable, participatory and vibrant system of local governance."

                                                                                  VISION STATEMENT
A Municipal Corporation that presides over the economic development of St. Mary in a manner that is sustainable and increases economic growth,
through the participation and cooperation of communities, agencies and non-governmental organizations.

                                                                                  VALUE STATEMENT
At the St. Mary Municipal Corporation we are committed to quality service, integrity, team work, accountability and transparency.