Roles and Functions

The St. Mary Municipal Corporation is empowered to make bye-laws, regulations and rules for the good governance of the parish. These specific responsibilities include;


  • Developing, managing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities such as parochial roads, minor water supplies, drains and gullies, parks, recreational centers, markets, abattoirs, cemeteries, transportation centers, public sanitary conveniences, and public beaches; 


  • The provision of local services such as Poor Relief, Public Cleansing, Street Lighting and Social Water; 


  • Regulation powers in respect to building and planning approvals and development control, licensing of trade and business, barbers, hair dressers and butchers, street parking, control of public vending, places of amusement and own land burials; 


  • Coordinating inter-agency collaboration among non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), community- based organization (CBO’s) and government agencies which operate in the parish and are engaged in the delivery of local services or in local development; 


  • To spearhead plans and initiatives for the orderly balance and sustainable development of the parish, in particular for boosting of economic activity and local wealth creation in the parish; 


  • To organize and stage civic and social events to mark local and national commemorative occasion; 


  • To support national policies and develop programmes at the local level;


  • Disaster Management and Mitigation.