Development Approval

The St. Mary Parish Council has the mandate of assessing all building construction and sub-division applications and deciding whether or not to approve such applications.
For building applications, the applicant is required to submit:

  • Three 3 copies of the building plans on a regular basis and 6-10 copies if the plans are to be sent to the National Environment and Planning Agency, the National Works Agency and The Fire Department.
  • Location Map at a scale of 1:12,500
  • Site Plan (1:100 / 1:200)
  • Floor Plan (1:50/ 1:70 / 1:75)
  • Foundation Plan (1:50 / 1:70/ 1:75)
  • Roof Plan Sheet (1:50 / 1:70/ 1:75)
  • Three elevations and two sections (1:50/ 1:70 / 1:75)
  • Drainage/sewerage Plan (1:50 / 1:70 / 1:75)
  • One copy of a completed building application form; this is available at the offices of the Parish Council.
  • Tax Certificate
  • Surveyor’s Diagram
  • Proof of ownership, which may be:
  1. Certified copy of a registered title
  2. Certified copy of sales agreement, JP’s Letter and two copies of surveyor’s diagram
  3. Certified copy of will and surveyor’s report
  4. Certified copy of deed of gift
  5. Letter from government for land settlement
  6. Authorization letter from owner

If the application is other than a single family dwelling, planning permission may be required from N.E.P.A.

Building and Planning Process

  • Documents are taken into the parish council to the Building Officer in the Roads and Works Department.
  • Assessment is made by the Building Officer, 
  • The applicant or agent is sent to the Accounts department where they made the necessary payment(s). 
  • The plans are then sent to the Planning Department where they are registered and sent to the other relevant agencies (the Ministry of Health, National Works Agency and/or National Environment and Planning Agency) by the Planning Coordinator; for their comments and recommendations. 
  •  The plans are then returned to the parish council where they are taken to the Physical Planning and Environment Committee Meeting to receive final approval (This is normally a ninety (90) working day process).  
  • The Plans are then stamped and signed by the Director of Planning. 
  • The Applicants are called to collect same 
  • Two copies of the approved plan are issued to the Applicant along with a laminated copy of their building permits

Subdivision Application Process

  • Twelve copies of proposed subdivision plans done by a commissioned land surveyor for proposals nine lots and under and twenty two copies for ten lots and over 
  • Tax certificate 
  • Six copies of sub-division application form 
  • Land Valuation Certificate
  • Proof of ownership which may take the form of:          
    • Certified copy of a registered title
    • Certified copy of sales agreement, JP’s Letter and two copies of surveyor’s diagram 
    • Certified copy of will and surveyor’s report
    • Certified copy of deed of gift
    • Letter from government for land settlement
    • Authorization letter from owner
  • After the subdivision is assessed by the relevant officer it is then complied and sent to MOH, Fire and SUPT. 
  • When Supt and fire respond it is then sent to NEPA
  • NEPA will send to relevant agencies
  • When all recommendations
  • Conditions are then prepared and client is called to pick up same
  • When the conditions are signed and returned by the client the Resolution is prepared
  • The confirmation form and are then prepared
  • Resolution, one copy of plan, accepted conditions, memorandum of approval and a copy of all the recommendations from the agencies are sent to the minister for confirmation.
  • After confirmation a Resolution is prepared and sent to the General Council’s meeting for approval.
  • Clients are then called to collect documents which include a copy of a resolution, approved plan, confirmation document, memorandum of approval and letter indicating that within six months client must apply for certificate of compliance.
  • Client is also advised that they should forward a copy of the surveyor’s declaration and pre-checked diagram and pay the relevant fee.
  • Clients are advised to write to the council request release or compliance.
  • If the conditions are met/not met the superintendent will determine what action(s) to take
  • A statutory declaration is prepared and sent to Planning meeting for the release of lot(s)
  • A letter is then prepared for titles office along with the statutory declaration.