Administrative Department

The Administrative Department is mandated to recruit and select an adequate and suitable cadre of manpower to efficiently carry out all functions for which the Council has responsibility.

This department is primarily responsible for developing, consulting and implementing human resource policies related to the administration of pensions, industrial relations, employment accounting, welfare and other benefits arrangements within the Council.  The department also ensures that the policies, regulations, procedures and guidelines are within best practice and are consistently adhered to. 

The Department is supervised by the Director of Administration who reports to the Secretary/Manager.

 Administrative Staff
Director of Administration                     -      Miss Yanique Samuels
Acting Administrator- Personnel        -       Miss Yvonne Kennedy
Acting Executive Secretary                   -       Mrs. Debbie Pryce
Acting Senior Secretary                         -       Miss Sasha-Gaye Harris
Records Clerk 2                                         -       Mrs. Kerri Ann Pinnock Robinson
Secretary                                                     -       Miss Jennelle Daley
Secretary                                                     -       Miss Audrina Martin                   
Messenger/Driver                                    -        Mr. Loxley Williams
Office Attendant                                      -        Miss. Slyvia Smith