Residents of Lyndale Housing Scheme, Highgate St. Mary Rewarded for Paying their Property Tax.

On Wednesday February 17, 2016, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development and the St. Mary Parish Council officially  opened the roadway into the Lyndale Housing Scheme, Highgate,  St. Mary.

The residents of Lyndale were thrilled has they witnessed their property tax working for them.

Former Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Honorable Noel Arscott guest speaker at the opening ceremony, emphasized that Lyndale was selected as a model community based on their high rate of property tax compliance which the residents have managed to maintain at over 80%.

As a reward and based on the residents’ request the roadway into the community was rehabilitated at an estimated cost of $14M

Mayor of Port Maria Levan Freeman was particularly pleased that the Ministry and the Council were able to partner to honour the request of the residents. He said, “this is a clear indication that Politicians and Citizens can work together”.

‘I am extremely happy for the residents of Lyndale who now have a suitable road surface’, said Councillor for the area Richard Creary.

Member of Parliament, Dr. Winston Green lauded the residents on the dialogue type approach that they took to engage their Political representatives and urged other communities to take notice.